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Early Childhood Center
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St. Luke Lutheran Church & Early Childhood Center


St. Luke Summer Program

 Welcome to St. Luke! This summer our theme is "Disney," where the magic of Disney shines God's love. Below you will find a link to our registration form. Please fill out the form and you can drop it along with a payment in the mail or to the St. Luke Preschool office, attn: Jackie Flynn. 

We have taken all the necessary COVID precautions to provide you with safe environment for your child. See below for more information. Please get your registration form/payments in ASAP. Also, take advantage of our early bird 5% discount and 10% second child discount.

*Check out pictures below to see what our program is all about!

Check out some pictures from our Summer Program:

 Interested in signing up for our summer program? Click the button below to   download a registration form and for pricing. 

*Please note: You can drop off your forms and payment at our St. Luke Preschool (Monday-Friday from 9:30am-3:30pm) or you can mail them to:

St. Luke Lutheran Church
Attn: Jackie Flynn
20 Candlewood Path
Dix Hills, NY 11746

*You can also email your forms to and then mail in your payment.

Want to read more detailed information about our Summer Program including our COVID Safety Plan?

If you are not currently enrolled as a student at St. Luke Preschool, please fill out the following forms below as well.

Immunization Medical Records

Please note: You must have immunization records for your child to attend St. Luke Preschool and this includes attending the Summer program.

*Therefore, if your child/children are not currently enrolled in preschool, please download the medical form by clicking the link below. Fill it out and mail in or bring to the preschool office. *THIS MEDICAL FORM MUST BE TURNED IN BEFORE YOUR CHILD CAN ATTEND OUR SUMMER PROGRAM!

We Are Looking for counselors in training who would like to work as "Helping Hands" this summer. They are required to be 16 and 17 years old.

For Children with Allergies, please fill out the following 2 forms and send in to St. Luke ASAP:

*If your child uses Benadryl or an epipen, please have the following two forms below filled out in addition to the top two forms. Thank you!